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What We Do?

Rocket Estimating is one of the leading construction estimating companies. We are proud to offer you the best in estimating services for builders, construction estimation, and takeoff services. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the most accurate and error-free estimation to win every bid effortlessly.

We know you are stuck in a busy schedule and can not take any time for estimation for your next project. Never mind! We have made it easy for you! Our expert professionals from different fields of construction can facilitate you with precise estimation and takeoff services.

If you are looking for reliable cost estimators, look no further than Rocket Estimating. We offer free estimating quotes.

Services We Offer

Construction Takeoff

Get Precise construction takeoff estimating which are the key to the successful completion of a construction project

Quantity Takeoff

We offer the best quantity takeoff that lets you be productive with exact figures and boost your efficiency.

Cost estimating

Experts' judgment and precise cost estimation service can save you valuable time. Click to know more!

Material Takeoff

Our skilled estimator will make the correct material takeoffs for you. So, you can make a more realistic budget!

Electrical Estimating

Get turnkey electrical estimation from our experienced estimators to ensure efficiency and seamless operations.

Lumber Takeoff

Our experts will prepare the roof and flooring lumber takeoff for you that will consist of an accurate wood count.

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Our team has vast experience in this construction estimations and takeoff field. With an extensive experience of 21 years, We have served a large number of clients in the USA. The experts from our construction estimating firm can never go wrong with your project’s estimation and takeoffs. Get in touch now!

Why You Should Choose Us?

Fastest Turnaround

We provide the fastest turnarounds. Our skilled estimators will get back to you with precise cost estimations and takeoffs.

Experts Judgement

You will get the most accurate cost estimation and material takeoffs for your projects that guarantee an absolute start!

Precise Estimations

With our precise construction estimating services, our experts promise you will win every bid and flawlessly get more projects!

Business Expansion

Having more projects in your name, we assure your business growth. You can hit new opportunities effortlessly

Rocket Estimating is a renowned name for providing accurate estimations in the United States. We have been working in the industry for around two decades and have a strong portfolio of serving multiple clients. Contractors, subcontractors, architects and other professionals in almost every field with our precise estimations and takeoffs. In addition , we have hands-on experience in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. You will get the estimators that will deliver you with the most accurate measurements to speed up your project development phase with complete control and confidence. Get top notch construction estimating services today to kick start your professional growth!

Rocket Estimating ranked among the top construction estimating companies in the USA. We have expertise to provide the most accurate estimating and takeoff services in the following domain:

  • Material Takeoff
  • Lumber Takeoff
  • Quantity Takeoff
  • Cost estimation
  • Electrical Estimations
  • Cost Estimation
  • Commercial
  • Estimation
  • Residential
  • Estimation
  • Industrial Estimation
  • Construction Takeoff & Estimating

We care for our clients and offer complete clarity through our services. Therefore, we will keep you onboard at each phase so you will know how your project is developing with proper cost control. Sign up to get advantage of our expert construction estimating services with full confidence.


We have a skilled team of professionals who have years of experience in construction estimation. All of our estimators are highly qualified and leverage the most up to date software for preparing your cost estimation. They are proficient in using PlanSwift, BlueBeam, Xactimate and other cutting edge tools that offer a quick turnaround. They will need the blueprints of your project to have a better understanding of your project scope. Therefore, you can submit anything from rough drafts, to initial calculations, and project blueprints. In addition, you can submit any other raw information you have about the projects. After a thorough analysis of your project scope, our experts will give you an initial quote. Once you will finalize and give your approval, they will immediately start working on your project’s estimation. You will get error free cost estimating and takeoffs that will take roughly 24 to 48 hours to complete.

We aim to deliver the best construction estimating services. Having extensive industry experience enables us to provide estimates with excellent accuracy. Therefore we offer error free calculations that help professionals to win bids and grow their business seamlessly. Our skilled estimators will work on your estimations based on ground realities and local labor costs. Hence, leaving no room for error. That is why we promise that your bid winning ratio will spike up to 90% if you take our expert estimation services.

We are a leading name in the estimating sector as the most reliable construction estimating company. Our ballpark estimates have bagged many projects for our client’s businesses by winning maximum bids. Our experts are the epitome of perfection. Therefore, our services speak for themselves. With Rocket Estimating’s matchless construction estimating services you can save your time while not compromising on quality and assurance of winning your next bid effortlessly and at affordable rates.

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