Cost Estimating Services

When it comes to cost estimating services for construction projects, Rocket Estimating is specialized in it. Our Professional construction cost estimators give our clients thorough quantity takeoffs and pricing throughout the planning stage of a construction project to closeout, whether as a stand-alone service or as part of overall construction management.

Rocket Estimating keeps databases of old and present costs for local, national, and international engineering and construction projects, including expenses for labor, supplies, and machinery. For projects all over the world, we are always prepared to produce cost estimates and verify estimated construction costs at different phases of the construction process.

We create an accurate evaluation of how the construction process is developing throughout the course of the project’s lifespan by identifying and assessing the project’s scope, schedule, cost, quality, and performance. We offer cost estimating services for all sorts of design stages including all construction disciplines.

Deliverables of Cost Estimating Services

Following are some of the main services that we have rendered so far. 

  • Budgets for conceptual projects
  • Estimates for construction bids
  • Lump-Sum Estimates Fixed Price Estimates Value Engineering Cost Estimates Contract Cost Review
  • Quantity Take-offs
  • Evaluations of Change Orders and Life Cycle Costing
  • Analysis of Material Escalation
  • Claims for Project Closeout Costs Pricing and Assessment
Cost Estimating Services

How do we work?

We have been in business for many years, and we regularly update our databases with costs gleaned from recent project bid results, GMP reconciliation, change-order discussions, and routine material, equipment, and labor rate pricing checks. To create realistic project budgets, we employ the most specialized project construction cost estimators and their methodologies. 

After that, we keep a close eye on the design of your project as it moves through each phase to ensure that it stays within the agreed budget. Additionally, we support the project’s construction and close-out/occupancy stages with the implementation of efficient cost control techniques as well as the examination and analysis of bids.

  • Work together with the design team to comprehend the scope of the project and the design goal.
  • Cost estimates are generated by combining our in-depth project experience with our understanding of current market conditions.
  • To make sure clients get the most for their design and construction dollars, offer life cycle costs, trade-off cost assessments, and cost-saving recommendations.
  • Provide a component-based costing report that is comprehensive, clear, and easy to understand.

Why opt us for Cost Estimating Services

  • We determine your planned project’s financial viability in a reasonable manner.
  • We establish a budget and keep a close eye on it all the way through the design process.
  • We reduce your degree of risk significantly by using an impartial cost estimate.
  • We correct errors by getting rid of scope overlaps and pointless contingencies.
  • We ensure fair contractor pricing and establish a baseline for comparison.
  • We establish trusting connections among all project team members.

Our Estimating Experts

Our construction cost estimating experts can help you lower the risk of project cost overruns. This is accomplished by combining cutting-edge estimating tools and technology with our multi-disciplined group of cost estimators, mechanical and electrical engineers, quantity surveyors, and construction consultants.

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Why choose Rocket Estimating?

Rocket Estimating takes pride in all the work we have done so far. If you are someone who is looking for cost estimating services then you have come to the right place. We have developed a reputation for supplying high-quality, accurate, and timely work. For governmental agencies, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, institutional clients, architectural/engineering firms, and retail, residential, and property development corporations. We have completed over 100 projects so far and are still working on a number of projects.

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Cost estimating services calculate the possible cost for any project by analyzing all the prior data and blueprints. They conduct comparisons between the estimated cost and budget to make the allocation of resources more effective.

Many factors are important to consider such as quality and availability of resources, and market prices and fluctuation.

You can find many estimating services provided on the internet. However you can consult us for the right services. You can contact us via email given on our website or call us. Or fill the form given on the websites our representative will reach you.

It depends on the market fluctuation, as the material cost and labor cost go up and down the estimates need to vary according to that. However, once you find the right estimation, probably the actual price will lie between 10 to 15 percent within the estimation cost.

Cost estimations definitely depend on project timelines, because market fluctuations happen quite frequently and taxes and other payments get revised with the annual budget, so it will definitely affect your estimation cost if you are working on a long term project.