Duct Takeoff Services

Are you looking for MEP estimating services, particularly duct takeoff services to win bids from your clients? Here, we welcome you to the page of Rocket Estimating. We are a professional team of duct estimators who can help you by providing speedy, precise, and reliable duct takeoffs. We also assist the sub-contractors by equipping them with accurate ductwork estimates. Using excellent software for accurate outcomes, we please our clients every time. We are one of the top market competitors and have been fantastically working for many years. We focus on transforming your empty place into the material counts and their bills. We assure you that our precise estimations help you win more bids from your customers.
The staff of Rocket Estimating assures fast working and accurate results before the final submission of the budget file. Our services are also reasonable for all contractors, sub-contractors, and builders. Whether you have a commercial plot or a residential one, we will create a complete budget estimation sheet for it. Now you can win multiple bids at a time using the precise estimating services of the best duct takeoff company, named Rocket Estimating. Let’s reach us, discuss your plan and let us generate an estimation for it. We will submit the final file in the Excel sheet.

What Do Our Expert Duct Estimators Offer?

Rocket Estimating has a professional team of workers who puts an open eye on the complete budget needed for the construction plan. Whether you have a short-term plan or a long term, we will please you with our sharp and accurate ductwork estimating services. Our expert staff has all the skills, and abilities needed to generate the perfect estimation sheet containing details about labor, shipping, taxes, material takeoffs, etc. Our proficient duct estimators offer multiple duct takeoff services, including;

  • Value engineering services
  • Construction price database
  • Duct shapes several options
  • Customized services

Our clients

Rocket Estimating has worked with different contractors, such as MEP contractors, mechanical contractors, plumbing and piping, electrical contractors, and many more. We have also worked for land owners, architects, builders, and sub-contractors. Our most prominent clients include;

  • RICS
  • The American School of Architects
  • ASPE
  • Project Management Institute
  • AACE
  • American Concrete Institute
  • ASTM
Duct takeoff Services

What Are the Factors We Discuss During Duct Takeoff Services?

Rocket Estimating is here to take a complete headache of your duct takeoffs. Our duct estimators believe in gapless ductwork estimating services so they can efficiently generate precise results. While working on the duct takeoff budget plan, they focused on every minute detail to please the client. We focus on the following factors when we create ductwork estimates.

  • Size of ductwork
  • Radial or trunk configuration
  • Labor for installation
  • Proper sealing
  • Material used for ductwork
  • Time and market trends

Software We Use for Ductwork Installation

Here are the software we use for the ductwork accuracy test. They help in improving efficiency, giving updated reports, managing construction time, merchandising, and accurate pricing.

  • FastDuct
  • PlanSwift
  • Bluebeam
  • FastPipe
  • Xactimate
  • Trimble
  • Quest
  • RSMeans data

How We Assure the Estimation Accuracy?

Rocket Estimating focuses on accurate work to increase the bid-winning rate for the client. To accomplish this goal, we follow a workflow and execute perfect outcomes.

  1. First, we evaluate the documents and the information given by the client. The evaluation includes checking the documents, asking for additional information that might be skipped by the client, asking about the client’s requirements, and reviewing the blueprints.
  2. Using digital duct takeoffs tool, we assure the accurate quantities of material and other components, such as labor and machines.
  3. Next, we fill the column of pricing for each material after complete research of market trends. During cost estimation, we also mention the time for a construction plan to perfectly understand the need for labor. As a part of a leading duct takeoff company, we also put focus on contingencies, risk, analyses, markups, and escalations.
  4. After the proofreading from the QA department, we submit the final file to the client within the decided time duration.

Why Should You Trust Rocket Estimating?

Rocket Estimating is different from its competitors due to leading working attributes. We try to induce impressive points with 100% accuracy to increase the demand for your construction services. Our other working qualities are as follows;

  • We remain open 24/7 to entertain you with our accurate and precise budget sheets.
  • Rocket Estimating staff needs only 24-42 hours to complete your estimation perfectly.
  • Our results always give fruit due to 100% accuracy, transparency, and precise analysis.
  • We offer pocket-friendly duct takeoff services to our clients and assure that they come back again for another estimation task.
  • We are famous as the most-reliable estimating service provider in the market. The credit for this achievement goes to our intelligent duct estimators who always hit on point.

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If you want to use the services of Rocket Estimating, contact us via mail or direct phone call. You can also reach us through our website. Our services remain open 24/7, so you can reach us anytime.

Duct takeoff services assist builders in many ways. The duct estimators let the builders get rid of budget planning. They help them in managing and organising the construction plan by providing them with the accurate cost estimating Excel sheet.

We remain open 24/7 and you can reach us any time. Also, we are fast and accurate in our services and send the final estimation sheet within 1 or 2 days.

Our average cost ranges between $150-$200. But the accurate cost depends on your construction plan and your requirements. For the exact estimation of expense, you can contact us anytime.