Freelance Estimating Services

For individuals, start-ups, and small-scale businesses, hiring a complete estimating agency might be costly sometimes. That’s why Rocket Estimation brings you cost-effective freelance construction estimating services at competitive rates, but with superior accuracy.

Freelance Your Estimation from Around the world

Rocket Estimation provides freelance construction estimating services at extremely competitive hourly rates to assist you in lowering costs and enhancing estimating accuracy and efficiency. We’re a well-known independent estimating company that works on several projects in Australia, the Caribbean, and North America.

Many contractors, developers, builders, owners, architects, and vendors choose our independent construction estimators on an hourly basis and stick with them for their estimating requirements.

We are able to get incredibly precise findings by using the most up-to-date takeoff tools, including Planswift, Bluebeam, Xactimate, Trimble, FastPIPE, and FastDUCT, as well as databases like RSMeans and Craftsman for labor and material pricing.

Offering Superior Quality Estimation Services

We are offering superior quality estimation services at competitive prices. Our experienced estimators have years of experience in the field of estimations and can carry out any type of task accurately and efficiently.

Our estimators will provide you with professional estimates for any type of project that you may need to be done on your home or business premises. They will provide you with accurate information regarding the cost and time involved in completing any project that you may have.

We provide:

  • Estimators based on the local market.
  • A certified, licensed, and expert group of estimators.
  • Hourly wages that are reasonable for subcontractors, individuals, and start-ups.
  • Unlimited revisions for all customers.

We accept a wide range of estimation projects. Some of them are listed below but are not limited to:

  • Mechanical Estimator, Freelance
  • Plumbing Estimator Freelancer
  • an independent electrical estimator Wallboard Estimator
  • Consultant for Concrete Estimation
  • Expenditure Estimator Freelance


Freelance Estimating Services

Cost-effective Estimation Services

Along with the quality and accuracy, our pricing is highly effective and affordable. We work on the motto of “make a customer, not a sale”. And to convert the lead into a customer, pricing matters the most.

That’s why our freelance estimation services are the lowest in the market. We even offer special discounts to all our corporate customers. We try to keep the lowest profit margin possible. And invest that extra margin in our quality and services. That’s how we maintain the quality of our estimation at the lowest cost in the market.

Our estimators are proficient with a variety of cutting-edge tools and software, including Planswift, Bluebeam, Trimble, RS Means, Cost Works, Xactimate, FastPIPE, FastDUCT, and Quest Estimating.

Unlimited Revisions keep you at 0% risk

When ordering our freelance construction estimating services, you’re at 0% risk. We offer unlimited revisions to all our customers.

Receive the delivery, didn’t satisfy with the service? No need to worry about it. Hit us a message and we’ll do the revisions until you get satisfied with our service.

Our business model is based on after-sale service. So you can request unlimited revisions without any worries for 100% free of cost.

We’re offering a limited offer of 50% off to all our exclusive customers.

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Why Choose Us?

Rocket estimation offers low pricing estimates with the most superior accuracy in the market. Our freelance estimation is based on freelance services that not just save your time, and resources but also save money on a full-time estimator. Additionally, we offer the quickest turnaround time on our freelancing estimation service. Moreover, all our estimates are double check by our QA department so we can assure 100% accuracy and error-free report.

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Freelance estimating services estimate the cost of your entire project. By carefully calculating the quantity and cost of materials, labor cost, it considers other aspects too that can affect the budget and provide you a precise estimation.

Freelancers provide estimating services in different industries. They estimate residential, commercial and industrial construction estimation. It is time saving, reduces the cost and you can track real time projects by the help of Freelance Estimating Services.

In Freelance Estimating Services, freelancers precisely analyze all the prior data given by clients that includes project blueprints, related documents, budget and resources.After analyzing, he considers every aspect and estimates a cost for client’s project.

You can call us or send us an email anytime, we have the best Freelance estimating services, we have trained and professional team with relevant skills on updates softwares.You can also fill the form available on the website.

Hiring a freelancer can definitely reduce your cost. You do not need to hire a full in house employee for your project or buy any relevant software. You just pay the freelancer for their service and get the best results remotely.