How to Build an Estimating Department That Wins More Projects?

How to Build an Estimating Department That Wins More Projects

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Estimate construction is a term you will listen to every day. All professionals in the industry need accurate construction cost estimate. This will not only ensure their profit. However, it will let them manage their project more efficiently. Additionally, it will help in smooth cash flow. What if you don’t have the estimate for your project? How can you do it? Moreover,how to build estimating department that delivers perfect cost estimates? These questions often come to your mind. This guide is written to answer your queries.
Here you will learn about the whole process. We will share tips, and tricks for you about estimation.

Tip: Most businesses fail to correctly determine the cost. You can estimate using your team. You can also outsource it for accuracy.

If you are growing a business, you need to manage your expenses while delivering excellent services.. Everything must be in order. All your teams must be working. Moreover, you need to earn more jobs. The more you bid, the more you earn. This will grow your business. You will also earn more profits. But you also need an estimate for more bids. This gives rise to the need for estimation. You should decide about building your own estimate construction department. And let’s discuss how to build estimating department first.

Building Estimating Department to Estimate Construction?

Construction estimating is needed for everyone. For general or specialty contractors, both need it. Moreover, clients and owners also require it. But how to build your estimates? This is a problem for all. There are different strategies. You need to check which one is suitable for you. One solution doesn’t fit all. There are different problems for every company. Furthermore, there are two major problems for all businesses.
The first problem is time. Many contractors and companies don’t have time. They are busy in their construction activities. You will also face this thing. Additionally, you have to meet clients, bid, and manage the construction. One solution is to hire an estimator. You can hire or build a team as well. But you need to invest in them. This is suitable if your business wants to grow. You can bid on more projects. But what if your business has limits for jobs? You will not need more estimations for you. And your team will have no work.

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On the other hand, you face another issue. Contractors have a specific job at a time. They are inactive on other days. They can only estimate. The job is awarded months after bidding. Their inactivity will result in less growth. They will not be able to pay wages to staff. This is a direct result of inconsistent bids. Moreover, such issues come if you don’t estimate and bid regularly. To bid regularly, you need to estimate construction.

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Tips on How to Build Estimating Department

There are many things to consider for the estimating department. You have different factors and areas to focus on. Additionally, you must consider what limits you have and what you require. You should choose the solution which is suitable for your organization. Following are some of the factors you should consider while building the estimation department:

i. Define Estimator Role

You need to understand the task you are going to give your estimator. Moreover, you can look for the job description of the estimator to identify the expectations. You can also learn from companies of your size. Also, define the tasks you require from the estimator. Additionally, you can ask questions to identify the right skillset candidate. Moreover, There are different roles for in-house and outsourced estimators.

ii. Determine Your Goal

There are many options available for estimations. You must talk with other businesses. Moreover, you can hire your team as well as outsource the activity. You can search for employees who can perform estimations. Many companies also use a mix of both. They utilize the experience of outsourcing as well as train their teams. You must train and develop your department for growth. This is how to build estimating department.

Tip: A correct estimate will make project management easy. You should focus on this area of your business.

iii. Use Software and Training

Software is important while focusing on how to build estimating department. Software use is making tasks easy. You must equip your team with the right tools. This will help them to estimate accurately. Moreover, your department will grow. Additionally, you need to train them for better results. This means that you are now competing with other estimators. There are many advantages to using the software. First, you can improve collaboration. You have an old system which can be a hassle. Cloud collaboration reduces work and enables remote candidates to collaborate.
How to build estimating department? We offer a conducive environment and you can work with your team in real-time. Secondly, it gives you a user-friendly interface. Additionally, it performs digital takeoff. This is fast and accurate. The interface allows you to learn quickly. Furthermore, it will reduce delays. You can find details and verify them. Thirdly, it will give your team a complete platform. Certainly, you will not need to move your data to Excel or other platforms. Your team can create units as well as estimate material and labor. You can perform your takeoff and estimate in one platform.

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Additionally, you can generate bid proposals. Furthermore, document management is also easy. Contractors can upload, download, edit, and organize pages. This will help you to classify projects. Finally, it also offers training for your team. You don’t have to hire a trainer or arrange workshops. Your software will provide training resources. Furthermore, your team can also access support from the provider. Additionally, you can update your software and keep yourself updated with the industry.


How to build an estimating department for precise estimates in construction is a question for everyone. There are many solutions available. You should consider your business needs to decide about estimations. Moreover, you should consider different other factors. This will help you to grow and develop your department. Your end goal must be accurate estimations to win bids.