Industrial Estimating Services

Industry-based construction and renovation is always a complex and challenging task. The costing structure of a construction project at an industry level is one of the most complex tasks.

That’s why most contractors use estimation services. It streamlines the construction project and gives a detailed insight into how the project will take place. Moreover, it also saves time and reduces the chances of deception by the laborers.
However, for a precise estimation, you must hire a reliable, efficient and professional estimator for your company. Rocket Estimating is one of them. Rocket Estimating provide quality estimates to all our industrial construction project clients.

Why use Industrial Estimation Services?

The main reason why you should use industrial estimation is the budgeting and streamlining process. Here’s how:

Prevents deception of the labors

Due to the nature of industrial projects, deceiving a contractor is easy. This kind of project is always complex and requires a loop of cost. That’s when the labor takes advantage of this loop. Adding irrelevant or higher costs is easy without being caught.

Streamlines the Project

A regular industrial construction estimating contractor can never streamline the industrial construction on their own. That’s why we use estimation. The estimation company gives you a streamlined process of how the building’s project will work.
The estimation company will examine how things need to be worked on. If you’re using a professional service like Rocket Estimating, we can break down the components of construction for the owner’s ease.

Creates a budget for the project

There’s no wonder that without estimation it’s never possible to create a budget. Above all, companies like Rocket Estimating offer you in-depth insight into the budget of your project. They carefully look at the materials list and labor required. Look at the market rates and give an estimation of how much money you’ll need to spend on your project.

Blueprint Estimating Services

About Us

We provide custom-made industrial cost estimators for all your industrial jobs. From large-scale construction projects to small maintenance jobs, we can help you with any task. Similarly, we are experienced in providing accurate and cost effective estimates on any job at SME level.
Our team of industrial estimating experts have the knowledge and experience to provide you with accurate and reliable estimates.
Rocket Estimating has vast experience in different industries such as water, gas, oil and power plants, chemical industries, mining and mineral industries, cement manufacturing companies, steel manufacturing companies, textile and apparel industries etc.
Moreover, we provide estimating service to our clients to get them a better understanding of their requirements and components where they’re spending money. Meanwhile, this allows them to make informed decisions about the types of products or services they need.

Why Choose Us?

Our industrial estimating services are a great method to get your equipment and machinery up and working. We have top civil engineers that have years of experience in the estimation industry, so you can be confident that we will be able to accurately estimate the cost of your needs in the project. We also offer an on the site consultation. So that you can see the equipment firsthand and make sure it is exactly what you need.

We provide a wide range of industrial estimating services for our clients, including:

  • Product costing
  • Customized packaging design and development
  • Cost estimating for manufacturing and fabrication projects
  • Project management (pricing, scheduling, budgeting)

A professional industrial estimator like Rocket Estimating will help you make effective projects for your business, and ensure that your projects run smoothly and efficiently.

In the same vein, we have successfully completed 5000+ projects involving electrical equipment, mechanical engineering, tooling, heavy machinery and construction projects.
The lowest pricing is our motive. Above all, we understand how important it is to get your project completed on time without any delays or errors that can cause extra costs.

This is why we provide you with industrial material takeoff services. So that you know exactly what you are paying for before we start work on your project.

Professional Estimators

We only enroll quality estimators into our team. All our estimators are qualified and passed the USA’s top colleges. Most importantly, we hire civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers in our team. Moreover, all our employees go through a strict screening test to make sure they can deliver quality services.

Not just that, all our engineers go through a regular workshop training in which we teach and train them the latest techniques of estimations. Certainly, we do this to make sure that the work you get from us is 100% professional, quality and with owners’ satisfaction.

We’re just a phone call away! Call us now and book your industrial estimate with us at the lowest pricing possible in the market!

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Lowest Pricing Guarantee

We assure to offer you the lowest pricing in the market. Our main motive is to make a customer and not a sale. Therefore, we thrive best to offer you the lowest possible pricing we can make. Unlike others, we have the lowest profit margin. So we can arrange the lowest quotation for. Don’t believe it? Send us your file and get your custom quotation now!

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Our experts are always here to make your work easier. Get in touch with us today to avail our estimating services.


Industrial construction can be a complex project to deal with, that’s why businesses require a precise estimation that helps them to stick to their budget. Moreover, it includes all the cost of construction and heavy machinery installation.

These estimating services give you a total estimated budget requirement. It also helps you to allocate your resources at the right place instead of an undisciplined allocation. It will give your project a direction to move forward.

The factors related to construction sites and resources are important to consider during estimation. Such as Customer’s requirement, available resources, material requirements and labor cost.

You can choose someone with the relevant skills and experience as an industrial estimating service provider. It is essential to have a strong work experience in the relevant field in construction. Moreover, they must have access to the best relevant softwares to work with.

Yes, Industrial Estimating Services help with project budgeting. It helps you to complete your project within the estimated amount by allocating the resources in a well disciplined way.