Lumber Takeoff Services

Rocket Estimating provides accurate and budget-friendly lumber takeoff services. We take pride in our work and we have worked for thousands of our clients so far. We are a result of many years of experience in the construction estimation industry, and knowledge of accurate material takeoffs and complete estimates for all CSI divisions, including civil, residential, commercial, industrial, and retail projects.

By combining our knowledge from experience and the most recent Software, we provide our clients with a time and money-saving model so that we may best serve them. A variety of wooden and plastic composite estimating accommodations, together with lumber takeoffs, woodwork takeoffs, frame lumber takeoffs, etc., are all easily provided by Rocket Estimating.

Our Services

Let us estimate all of your upcoming woodwork takeoffs. Your framing takeoff or carpentry counter tops need to be measured. With the help of our skilled lumber estimators and framing material estimators, we assist framers, rough carpentry, trim, and millwork contractors in managing their busy schedules and relieving their stress by reducing their costs and workload. Each estimate is carefully evaluated line-by-line with a critical eye.

  • Wood Takeoffs
  • Setting Up Takeoffs
  • Woodcut lists
  • Estimated bids
  • Budget projections
  • Construction Lead Generation
  • Initial Estimates
  • Bidding Support
  • Contingent Fee Marketing
  • Change Requests
  • Engineering for Value
Lumber Takeoff Services

Our Clients

When it comes to providing reasonable lumber estimates, woodwork contractors, framers, builders, and carpenters are among our regular clientele. In addition to assisting them in winning bids, our estimates, which contain all the necessary information, such as timber or lumber, labor costs, man-hours, transportation costs, insurance, licenses, etc., have also enabled them to receive favorable markups.

Additionally, general contractors and builders benefit from our estimates when negotiating with their suppliers and subcontractors. Wholesalers, suppliers, and retailers of timber also get in touch with us for precise estimates of the number of wood logs they need to place orders with their millwork contractors. Our extremely accurate takeoffs assist their salesman in recommending the appropriate material quantity to customers, which boosts sales and fosters long-term business relationships.

Additionally, we offer a precise lumber cut list that makes it easier for woodworkers to convert lineal feet to board feet, ensuring that the largest amount of wood is utilized with the least amount of waste. Reduced waste results in a greener environment and lower costs.

Our clientele includes:

  • General builders
  • Builders of millwork and developers
  • Contractors for framing
  • Carpenters
  • Lumberyards
  • Wholesale Suppliers of Lumber
  • Lumber Merchants
  • Architects/Designers

We Calculate The Wide Variety Of Material

Our estimations for lumber include a few divisions of the following elements that are no longer constrained but support the following:

  • Sill plates, nook studs, wall studs, ladder studs, framing panels, etc.
  • Sheathing and insulation gaps.
  • Decking for the roof and floors.
  • rafters, trusses, and joists.
  • The components of window and door casing are beams, headers, cripples, and trimmers.
  • timer accessories and sloppy carpentry.

Why should you outsource lumber takeoff services?

A thorough understanding of mill work building methods, wall configurations, lumber quality, structural connections, labor costs, man-hours, transportation expenses, etc. are necessary for the correct lumber estimate and framing lumber takeoff services. It can take a lot of time and effort to perform estimation and takeoff on your own. You can save a lot of time by working with an estimated company like ours, and that time can then be used to bid on other jobs, create business plans, etc from our professional lumber estimators.

You can avoid the high costs estimated associated with professional staff hiring and training by outsourcing your lumber takeoff services. Additionally, you save by paying for pricey estimating software. By using the services of professional estimating businesses, you boost your chances of winning the contracts and foster long-lasting relationships with your general contractor. These organizations have skilled estimators who execute extremely accurate and quick takeoffs.

Quality is our core value!

Rocket Estimating does not compromise on quality work. Call us today to learn more about our services.

What do our Deliverables include?

Our lumber takeoffs include all the information, such as the cost of the timber or lumber, the work hours, and the shipping costs. We will be able to assist them in winning the bids and receiving favorable markups because of these details. Additionally, general contractors and builders use our quotes to their advantage when haggling with suppliers. Moving forward, we also give a precise cut list of the lumber. The conversions from lineal foot to board foot make things easier for woodworkers. This guarantees that the majority of the wood is utilized while minimizing waste.

Why choose us?

Due to our expertise in lumber takeoff services and ability to provide precise estimates with no room for ambiguity in the results, our services stand out in the market. you’re allowed to collect tangible results and distinctive lumber estimating services with every item description, both of which help your bid to ultimately succeed when you outsource using Rocket Estimating. We guarantee a wide range of connections with our neighborhood carriers using a massive database of location-based pricing and compile the most recent data throughout the year. The following are a few key factors that contribute to our uniqueness.

  • We provide woodwork takeoff services that are value-for-money and cost-effective.
  • We have a quick turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours, with on-time delivery.
  • We also provide a steady stream of consulting that monitors bid submissions and manages to bid network profiles or clients.
  • We guarantee a bid-hit ratio of 95%.
  • Our top priority is to provide live chat and email customer service around the clock.
  • Our experts provide a detailed lumber estimate and a few marked-up designs for our clients.


Rocket Estimating - In business to build yours

Rocket Estimating is here to provide you with top-notch lumber takeoff services. Get in touch with us today to book your slot.


We offer quick lumber estimation services. You will receive thorough lumber takeoff services and estimation within 24 to 48 hours.

For framework takeoff, we take into account wood panels, plates, studs, joists, sheathing, headers, cripples, trimmers, and trusses. Additionally, they cover labor, labor hours, logistics, permits, insurance, and taxes.

We have a range of takeoff experience. We measure wood, lumber, millwork, and cabinets. Other significant ones are countertops, veneers, wood stair and railings, trim, and siding. In the future, paneling, laminates, wood trusses, decking, sheathing, wood shelving, and fascia will also be available.