Mechanical Estimating Services

While working in the field of construction, terms like mechanical estimating services play an important role at each step. With accurate estimations, many aspects become smooth and flawless during the construction process. However, locating a professional mechanical cost estimator in the market is a challenging task due to scams and unprofessional workers. Rocket Estimating is here to assist you in your business plans and projects. Our purpose is to equip you with our excellent services so you can win more bids and elevate the graph of your business growth. We have a team of expert MEP estimators who look forward to the big ideas and work hard to fulfil all the requirements of the clients.
Rocket Estimating has been in the market for many years and has worked for several clients. All credit goes to our skills, abilities, and expertise in the zone of budget estimation. Our workers follow the precise track of working, including material research, options of sources, labour, and costs needed for the project’s ideal start-up. We energetically focus on our client’s plan and help them at each step with all the major services of cost estimation. Simply put, we are proficient in estimation with complete knowledge of the plans, materials, and labour. If one wants to win more bids to get profit from their construction business, they must choose Rocket Estimating, as their trusted estimation partners.

Why Do You Need Mechanical Estimating Service?

  • For any construction plan, mechanical estimating services have become an essential component. It is a pre-analysis of the plan before its final start and the pre-planning helps the builders avoid major mistakes. As a crew of experienced mechanical cost estimators, we aim to provide the customer with an accurate budget estimation. We focus on all the money-eating aspects, such as labour, material, tools, machinery, etc. The accurate estimation helps the contractors in the following ways;
    It helps the builders to understand which material and tools they need to start the construction.
    It tells them what should be the exact quantity of materials to avoid and dedlays and pauses during construction.
    The constructors get an exact estimation of the total cost with the help of mechanical takeoff services.
    There are probably no chances of material and money wastage due to exact estimation by professionals at Rocket Estimating. The contractors can save money and time.
Mechanical Estimating Services

What Aspects We Deal with During Mechanical Estimates

Rocket Estimating is the best option for estimation services if you want to illuminate your name in the society of constructors. Our team aces work on each aspect required for the MEP project. They use highly developed software for 100% accuracy and perfection. Some of the factors we count during mechanical takeoff services include;

  • Manual volume damper
  • Air filters
  • Duct supports
  • Pumps
  • Air devices
  • Duct insulation
  • Pipe fitting
  • Air handlers
  • Dust smoke detector
    • Air cleaner
    • Dust smoke detector
    • Hanger
    • Air-cooled condensers
    • Ducts
    • Louver
    • Air conditioning units
    • Duct fitting
    • Rooftop units

    The Software We Use for Mechanical Takeoff

    • FastDuct
    • PlanSwift
    • Bluebeam
    • FastPipe
    • Xactimate
    • Trimble
    • Quest
    • RSMeans data

    Let’s Get the Benefit of Mechanical Piping Estimating Service!

    As a competent team of Rocket Estimating, we work on all mechanical piping projects. We do highly accurate mechanical estimates for piping contractors when they need them for piping estimating system installation and welding. Our error-free and precise estimations assist our clients in bidding, cost planning, acquisition, and time management. We have dealt with hundreds of piping plans, some were commercial and some were residential.. In short, we can make your complex plans easy for you with the perfect mechanical piping estimating services.

    Our clients

    Rocket Estimating has been brilliantly working in the market for a long time. We have joined hands with a lot of contractors, sub-contractors, and builders in multiple fields, such as fireproofing, mechanical, insulation, MEP, electrical, instrumentation, and many more. Our prominent clients are;

    • Project Management Institute
    • The American Institute of Architects
    • ASPE
    • RICS
    • American Concrete Institute
    • FIDIC
    • ASTM
    • AACE

    Where Do We Offer Our Services?

    Rocket Estimating is trending at number 1 in the market due to professional working and excellent outcomes for its clients. We are non-stop regarding our mechanical takeoffs. We work on all estimation projects, varying in sizes and standards. We can show you our records ranging from government to private and residential to commercial. All of our clients are happy with our excellent and successful outcomes. Therefore, you must hire us for mechanical estimating services, we will let you get rid of manual budgeting and provide you with a wonderful sheet of cost estimation within 24-48 hours.

    Rocket Estimating- A name you can trust

    The Best Estimation in the Market. Let’s Have Your Project Estimation with us!

    Why Choose Rocket Estimating?

    Rocket Estimating is a perfect option if you want speedy and accurate mechanical estimating services. We are the market-leading mechanical takeoffs service provider. Our workers are always keen to taket your headache away and make your budgeting easy for you. We are not only claimers, but let our work speak in the form of winning bids. Using up-to-date market trends, critical thinking, and updated software, we always please our customers and let them start their construction projects confidently. Before the submission of the final file, our QA department rechecks the complete file, analyses the quality, and approves it for submission. Our services remain open 24/7 and you can reach us anytime. So, you must use our smooth services because we assure you that our estimations will be 100% accurate and beneficial for your construction projects.

    Let’s Complete Your Project with a Big Bang!

    Our experts are always here to make your work easier. Get in touch with us today to avail our estimating services.


    We offer a vast range of mechanical estimating services, including plumbing, piping, quantity takeoffs, budget estimation, bids reviews, project cost management, bid estimates, reconciliation estimates, and many more.

    Rocket Estimating leaves no gaps in its working. Its deliverables include;

    • Digital mechanical takeoffs excel sheet
    • Takeoff’s details, such as taxes
    • Quantity of material and its cost
    • Highlighted drawing plans
    • Cost of labour
    • Complete bid proposal

    Rocket Estimating is famous in the market due to its speedy submission and service quality. Our turnaround time ranges between 24-42 hours within which we submit the final file to our respected clients.

    For confirmation and accuracy and precise information, we use innovative software, such as Quest, FastPipe, PlanSwift, FastDuct, etc. Our certified and confirmed assessor isolates the quantity from the plans and each thought and legitimate guideline and code are met then it is sent for peer survey by senior workers who guarantee a cold eyes audit from increased plans and takeoff sheet.

    For mechanical estimation, we follow the 4 steps to complete the task perfectly.

    1. Compiling data to generate precise mechanical takeoffs.
    2. The submission of paperwork for inclusion.
    3. Conduct meetings to update status and make adjustments according to requirements.
    4. After accurate estimation, we conduct the final meeting with the client.