MEP Estimating Services

The need for MEP estimating services is very common among contractors and is considered to be one of their main requirements for them. In the shortest turnaround time of one or two days, Rocket Estimating offers reasonable, accurate, and cost-effective MEP Estimating Services. Our MEP takeoffs consistently help general contractors win bids and more.

We are known in the market as we have served hundreds of our clients with accurate and budget-friendly MEP estimates by our professional and expert MEP estimator. MEP estimates are a specialty of our team of committed MEP cost estimators.

We are experts in providing the most trustworthy estimating services and provide contractors with precise MEP takeoff services that include the whole spectrum of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing estimating services.

Our Services

Our team of MEP estimating services includes experts in mechanical estimating, electrical estimating, plumbing estimating, piping estimating, instrumentation & control estimating, insulation estimating, and fireproofing estimating services. They are all highly qualified, experienced, and professional. Rocket Estimating strives to deliver the best estimating solutions to our clients by fusing our practical MEP industry experience with the newest takeoff technology and dedication to perfection.

  • Mechanical Estimation

Rocket estimating excels at offering worthwhile services. Our experts are qualified enough to provide all of the material values using advanced technology. We quantify the material takeoffs while providing mechanical estimation services.

  • Electrical Estimating

We offer impressive electrical estimation services thanks to our expertise. We provide extremely accurate electrical estimations services for each material takeoff. Simply share the project, and our experts will go to work on it.

  • Plumbing Estimating Services

Plumbing estimation is one of the very important MEP estimating services that we offer. You can get assistance with practically every form of plumbing work, from repairs to new installations.

MEP Estimating Services

Our Workflow

First Step:

The first step is to compile all the data needed to generate accurate MEP takeoffs estimates. The extent of the necessary work was made easier through surveys.
meetings held prior to submission to collect more system and user needs from all parties.

Second Step:

Rocket Estimating provides all primary paperwork, such as construction drawings, health, and safety requirements, calculations, and compliance needs, for inclusion in the estimate submission to your client after the requirements have been met as per the instructions of our clients. A portion of this paperwork would be offered by knowledgeable consultants or contractors.

Third Step:

Our MEP estimators will participate in meetings throughout the estimate preparation process to keep everyone informed of the status of each step of estimate construction and to determine whether any adjustments are necessary.

Fourth Step:

We will then take part in any post-estimation meetings with our client to answer queries about how the estimate has been developed and its adherence to the original specifications. This would happen after the estimate has been finished and the requirements have been met by our company.

How Are We Different

Always on point

Our staff actively uses advanced takeoff software to reduce the likelihood of inaccuracy, and we use the RSMeans database for current and zip code-based pricing of material, labor, and equipment to achieve the highest level of accuracy in our cost estimates.

Quick Turnaround time

With a level of efficiency that is unmatched, we provide MEP estimating services in a matter of 1 or 2 days max. This helps our clients perform better by helping them fulfill bid deadlines and provide price quotes and bills on time.


With our market-competitive pricing, we assist our clients to realize cost benefits of up to 50% when compared to in-house estimators, while also increasing their chances of landing additional work. Most of our clients accept our rates, and we finalize deals through discussions.

Help in winning bids:

We provide high-quality services and give customers the assurance that their bid-winning estimates will be accurate because we are known as the most reliable estimators in the whole industry.

24/7 active:

Our goal is to provide top-notch services while placing a strong emphasis on client happiness. Through live chat and email, our staff offers customer service round-the-clock.


Who are our Clients?

We provide MEP takeoff services for a wide range of clients, including general contractors, MEP contractors, electrical contractors, mechanical contractors, plumbing and piping contractors, insulation contractors, instrumentation contractors, fireproofing contractors, manufacturers, installers, distributors, vendors, and designers working on residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

We work hard so you do not have to.

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Why Opt For Our Services?

We can assure you that our services are quite dependable if you look at us and our work. We consistently strive to give our clients effective, correct, and accurate work. Our business does not only make claims; our past work samples speak for themselves. Additionally, we have served a variety of customers. They are all happy and amazed with the MEP estimating services we provided them. Our business will be the greatest and the best option for you whether this is your first time working with us or not. Our staff will fully support you and help you through the entire procedure. We also want to assist the client in obtaining the highest possible bids. We consistently prioritize delivering effective work with the never-ending efforts and dedication of our professional MEP estimators.

Rocket estimating- We take pride in turning hundreds of dream projects into reality.

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Most of our estimates typically have a turnaround time of 1 or 2 days max. We happen to be the fastest estimating services provider in the market.

According to your request, we provide estimates in CSI MasterFormat EXCEL spreadsheets with your cost codes.

We usually charge from $150-$200 for our estimating services but it varies depending on your project.